The Ribbed Beanie (pattern)

790 kr.

The Ribbed Beanie is one of our most popular pattern, available in sizes from birth to adult. It is an easy and fun pattern to follow and our knitters love the style.

Included is an addition of instructions for ears to be added to the beanie.


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Viðbótar upplýsingar

Yarn: Sandnes Merino ull

Needles: Circular needle nr. 4mm (40 cm/16″) and 3 double point needles nr. 4

Tapestry needle, scissors and a measuring tape

0 - 6 monthsSandnes Merinoull50g
6 - 12 monthsSandnes Merinoull100g
12 - 18 monthsSandnes Merinoull100g
18 - 24 monthsSandnes Merinoull100g
2 - 3 yearSandnes Merinoull100g
3 - 5 yearSandnes Merinoull100g
6 - 9 yearSandnes Merinoull100g
Smaller adult/TeenSandnes Merinoull100g
Larger adultSandnes Merinoull100g

When payment has been received an email will be sent with a download link for the pattern as a PDF file.